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Customer benefits
Customer service Our residential customers receive:

Unrestricted/unlimited Internet
2 e-mail addresses
50 Megabytes of Web space
We accept major credit cards

Depending upon package, business customers receive more features...

Sonnek Communications, Inc. is a locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider (ISP) located in central Minnesota.

We provide low cost Internet, Web and E-commerce services with a strong customer focused foundation. Our services include:

  • Unlimited Internet access (e.g. 56k, DSL, ISDN, T1)
  • Affordable Web hosting options
  • Secure e-commerce solutions
  • Creative Web design and development
  • Reliable server co-location
  • Spam and Virus protection
  • and more...

In addition, our rates are lower than AOL or MSN!

Our Internet access coverage area includes the Twin Cities and central MN, so we're only a free local phone call away. To see if Sonnek Communications can provide you local service, view our Coverage Map.

And because we're local we offer outstanding customer service. Sign up with us today and see for yourself...

Call us @ (763)271-2550 (metro) and start getting the Internet speed and customer service you deserve!

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